How many landscape materiar layers can be used?

I’m using a landscape material with 12 layers, there are some areas that can´t be painted after paint some layers.
Unpaintable areas shows a grey squares with default landscape material, not the material I made.
Anny idea or guide to paint all the landscape layers well?

I followed this guide Landscape Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation , but not explain how many layers can be used or how to fix the issue I describe above.

unpaintable areas

landscape issue, material I made and landscape default material

Landscape material with 12 layers

Funtion material

You’ve run out of texture space. Click on each of the textures you’re using, and in the details, change ‘Sampler source’ from ‘from texture asset’ to ‘Shared: Wrap’.

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Thank you very much, I was looking for weeks how to fix it :'v

What if I,
m using texture object