How many essential BPs does my project need to function?

How many essential BPs does my project need to function?

I’m working on a very small project that presently is just comprised of 5 UMG blueprints (main menu, trailer, interactive, settings and credits) and a ‘Player Controller’ BP. In the trailer section you’ll be using the media-player, and in the interactive section you’ll be viewing a model (earth) while you control the playing of its set animation, it’s horizontal axis rotation and its vertical tilt.

Will I need a gamemode BP, pawn BP or actor BP at some point to obtain the limited functionality I outlined?

My entire map generator(16MB) is currently in a single BP, so you can certainly do an enormous amount of logic without being required to split it up(though I will split mine up eventually). Gamemodes, pawns, actors, etc all come with certain functionality that should make certain tasks easier. If you don’t need that functionality, or want to build it yourself, you can do it other ways.

It sounds like you just need the playercontroller, stuff for the UI, and general BP’s to run the logic you are after.

Going for fewer Blueprints is not a criteria for success… readability, debugability, stability is… for me anyway.

Use the ones you need. But then again, don’t make a new one just because you can.

Thanks guys, this is good info to know. The primary reason I asked is that I’m actually having problems communicating between my level BP and my UMG BPs (thread-Can’t figure out keyboard input with UI BPs). I thought perhaps that in my naivete, I may have left out some BPs that are essential.

Also, does splitting up the interface into 5 UMG BPs sound normal or would someone who knows what they are doing have put them all into 1 single UMG BP?

Would love to know this because I’m very close to releasing a small menu alpha but would like to fix these little issues first (seperate issue - also can’t get mouse cursor to change on hover: thread-Is the UMG button cursor type not working?).

Hi Godling, Out of curiosity, why are you putting inputs on the level blueprint?
I also had issues when I originally had a lot of stuff on my level BP, but everything kinda ironed out when I moved it all to the Pawn BP. Not sure why…it’s been a while…but casting didn’t work right from the level BP and worked fine on the Pawn. Also, you can put everything on your controller if not your pawn.
Since then, I’ve moved to the widgets. All my UMG stuff is handled within the widgets themselves (expect adding the Main Menu on Begin Play) now.
Like you, I have several UMG BP’s: Main Menu, Options, Level Select, Level Start, the HUD, Pause Menu, End of Level Menu.

Also, like you, I have the level BP only loading the mainmenu on beginplay, while the the widgets themselves deal with the rest of the UMG stuff. I only tried putting inputs on the level BP because I couldn’t put them into any UMG BPs and I hadn’t yet created a playercontroller BP. I thought that the button I wanted pushed is in my UMG BP, why can’t I put my key-bind in there also?

I have since added a playercontroller BP, so I’ll try your suggestion and start working from there and see if I can finally get some keyboard-shortcuts going on. Will post back if it works or not, after I migrate over to 4.6. :slight_smile:

It depends… it really really depends on what you are doing. I wouldn’t put a HUD in the same BP as the Main Menu, but I might put the inventory in there… might… but… who’s to know?

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