How many days or hours you work montly?


I would like to see the life of an indie developer who has everyday duties :smiley:
So, how many hours you work IN YOUR REAL JOB? NOT DEVELOPMENT IN UE4
As for me it depends every month as I never work the same hours, only one rule is present, NO day offs :D. For the previous month I worked 35,5/31 days.
How about you?

I work every day for at least 8 hours a day, usually around 14 hours.

I usually work on stuff before going to work for like 5hrs and then another 5hrs after work. So usually 10hrs a day roughly.

No day offs?

5 hours before work, 5 hours after work, and how many hours you work? With day offs or without?

3 to 4 hours a day … Thursday off … 6 to 10 hours on Saturday or Sunday.

I try to do small sprints that can be achieved in an evening (i.e. 3 to 4 hours) and this way I can keep the momentum going and feel like I am getting somewhere. Unfortunately I have a day job as a Software / Web-app Developer … so I can’t only just develop games … I would love to though. 8-{

You all misunderestood… My mistake… I edited my first post.
I would like to know how many hours your work on you REAL jobs, not on your projects in order to see how much free time you get

Well my real job keeps me busy from 07:30 until 17:00 … I wake up at 05:30 in the morning and I started my off-time work between 18:30 and 19:00 each evening. I don’t have to work weekends … so my work month is that standard 21.5 working days a month and this is what I get paid for.

I work 9 hours a day in the local hospital (community service) 7:00 - 16:00 :slight_smile:
I have to do the job 9 months + in those months I have 10 free days where I have plenty of freetime for game development :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine depends as it changes every weekend, but mostly I work from 6:00 am to 14:00 pm , or from 14:00 to 22:00. I have no day offs the whole month and at certain days I may work up to 12 and extremely to 16 hours…

Rats, I’m lucky if I get an 30-mins-to-an-hour-in-a-day, and it’s never 7 days a week. :frowning:

You work 30 mins or 1 hour in ONE day? How can that be?

Certain parts of the year I am able to work 6 days a week 8-10 hours a day, other times I’m only able to work 4 days a week on this due to needing to pick up freelance work and I do some teaching to pay da bills.

Are you sure you are talking about your REAL JOB and not the time you spend for ue4 development?

I’m recently unemployed! I get all the benefits and drawbacks in such a position.
But back when I did work, 4 or 8 hours every other day.
Job search begins again next month woo!

7 days a week, 5-8+ hours, depending on the current volume of work. But I do get to pick the hours and take the occasional day I want off without someone telling me what or when.

I’m awake about 19-20 hours a day. no days off. 16 of that im working in the garden and with c++. I’d say im really only in the garden for like 4 to 6 hours a day so about 9-11 hours of actual ‘c++development’. mind you this is all non ue4 work. So you can see im quite busy. i dont get much time with my lady or people or ue4. I also have varying amounts of sleep time. I don’t like to sleep for 8 straight hours, i like to break it up into polyphasic sleep. For a long *** time i slept in the dymaxion cycle which was nice when i was young, now that im older i’ve adopted a Uberman schedule. its not as hard as dymaxion but far more my sleep pattern. I must say caffeine is a must for anyone trying uberman. only having 20 mins sleeping and sticking to it, needs quite allot of discipline, caffeine kicks in after 20 mins, so its a perfect wake me up. drink the coffee and goto sleep, wake up with a caffeine buzz and replenished energy.

Well, you did ask how many hours I work in my REAL JOB, which I must’ve missed (unless you added that later). I am not even 18 yet, so I won’t be getting any computer programming related jobs anytime soon, and I’ll take a pass on working at a restaurant, so I do do freelancing (in UE4), which I usually spend around 4-6 hours on daily, though I currently only have 1 long-term client. The rest of the hours I listed are usually just me working on community projects, like my Nazi Zombies series (see my signature). The reason I spend so much time is that I love it.

Only 4-5 hours of sleep daily? Sounds kind of unhealthy, I sleep 7-10 hours a day and still feel like I could use more sleep, but I’ll be completely honest, I think sleeping is a waste of time, and I’d pay any amount of money for my body to not need sleep (and food/water).

I actually thought i had a problem with how i slept, then a doctor told me that polyphasic sleep is actually far more common than one might think and told me there is absolutely nothing wrong with having odd sleep patterns and that he would encourage it as along as i did not feel tired or was loosing focus, hand eye coordination, ect…

The us military uses various polyphasic sleep types for specialized units.

I found out soon enough too that when you have a full time job and you want to work with ue4 too, you must either sleep a few hours the whole day or break the “dead” time to chunks and have a polyphasic sleep… Not to mention that if you have family and kids that your free hours are reduced even more…