How many CPU Cores does RC use?

so i am currently looking for a new workstation cpu and since amd now offers 32+ core cpus i was currious if RC would even utilise that many cores.
Is there a Hardlimit?

CPU:  Regarding HW there is basically 1 rule of thumb. The clock speed of the processor is more important than the number of cores. So, if you have a 12-core processor with a 5 GHz overclock, you will get better results, than with a processor with 3ghz and 32-cores. Generally, a good bank for the buck is Ryzen 9 5950x from AMD (but generally Intels have fewer crashes and are more stable), which can also be overclocked (this model has a limit to max ram 128GB though). What I´m trying to say you can get more performance from customer tier processors, than enterprise tier line-up (like AMD Epyc/ Intel Xeon) with lower clock speeds and more cores.  There was a cap to 64 threads due to C++ visual runtime library  ( per one instance of RealityCapture ), this was changed internally and the cap is no longer an issue (previously you had to run 2 instances of RealityCapture at the same time to utilize a 64/128 core/thread CPU).