How many collision primitives is too many?


I created a simple hut in Maya, made a simplified UCX_Hut for collision and let UE4 do its magic to create convex hulls out of that. I ended up with 64 hulls, which I fear is a bit too much to be practical. At which point does Complex Collision as Simple trump UCX collision in performance?

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Damir H.

At the point when the collision mesh has more triangles than the actual mesh, since Complex as Simple duplicates the entire mesh topology to be used by collision.

Well unfortunately there is no way to tell the poly count of the meshes UE4 generates… I suppose at the end of the day I should break my collision mesh into hulls myself in Maya but I had woefully bad luck in finding a way to do that. Perhaps Max has a method?

It’s highly unlikely UE’s auto-generated collision will EVER have more triangles than the underlying mesh, except in certain rare edge cases.