How many actions UE4 has during source build?

Hi. I’m building UE4 from source. I need to know how many actions (cpp files basically to be build by Visual Studio) UE4 has in the beginning. I need EXACT number of them. For example, when you are building UE4 for the first time it will say "distributing x actions to XGE " (XGE is Incredibuild). I have 2994 from last start of build, I remember there were more than 4k in the beginning.

First off, why? How could it possibly matter? It builds what it need to build to run what you’ve configured it to run. (I hope it means you’re paid by the compilation unit :smiley: that would be sick)

Secondly, once you’ve built the engine once (for a particular configuration) you don’t build it again. Unless of course you are making engine changes. So it’s not a common repeating cost. And any engine rebuilds are completely dependent on what you’ve changed.

Third, this can be surprisingly difficult to determine. It depends on a lot of factors like unity build settings, pch’s, what you’re building, etc and if you’re actively in development files are probably getting added daily which will change the entire determination.

it does seem like a pretty useless thing to know, but if you do want to know, hit Build->Clean Solution, and then build the pieces you need to know the answer for.

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