How making the player start spawning a custom player object?

Hi, I a beginner, but not a common beginner: I am a slow apprentice.
I’m italian, I have some difficult to build the logic content of english phrases.
Retain me a stupid then.

How can I to do these things?

-Making the player start spawning the player I created

-Use a toon shader(I read the documentation but I understood too few)

-Split the FBX’s animation and link them to an action(I made all the animations in a single FBX, like I did in Unity when I was using it).

The game is in first person: I need to making the player able to have a view of the third person model of himself only towards a mirrors reflection or when other players(yep, it’s online) look him. In the first person, the camera have to hide third person model, but visualize hands.

Some help?
Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

To spawn your character : open your game mode blueprint (you can find it in the blueprints folder under thirdpersonBP for third person project or folder related for other projects.

About toon shader, this thread may help :

About anim, in anim is cut to have separate anims. I suppose that you can do the same with longer anim parts.

About first third character , you need a mesh ingame to be able to reflect it then you have to set a third person character and set visibility (owner no see and cast hidden shadow for head and chest)

Ok, thanks!