How make consistent dashes?

Hello everyone
My character is able to dash however there is one issue that I face that I can not seem to solve.
When I dash on the ground, my character goes a distance I am happy with, however, when he dashes off of a ledge, he goes much farther and faster than I want. How can I get it so that he dashes the same distance regardless of whether he is on the ground or dashing off of a ledge?

thank you very much

Sounds like a simple physics issue. Could you post a link to a GIF or video so we can see what’s happening?

This is likely caused by a difference between your walking and falling/flying movement modes. When you dash in walk mode you are being slowed by 1 friction but when you dash off a ledge you move to falling mode with less friction. You can manually update your falling mode friction when the dash is activated then turn it back to normal when it ends.

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