How make clouds move faster?

I tried changing Blue_Sky_Sphere/Cloud Speed from 1 to 10 to 100 but did not notice any change to rate at which the clouds move across the sky.

Try changing it here TrueSkySequenceActor

Thanks, I don’t see a cloud speed setting under TrueSkySequenceActor.

Hi 3ndofin3,

Ark uses the true sky plugin for the day / night cycle, weather & clouds. Documentation can be found here :

For the cloud speed, if you mean to change the 3d clouds speed i think the option you are looking for is called WindSpeed.

To change that value, go to your TrueSkySequenceActor, under Active Sequences there are a 4 files. These files manages the sky settings for the night / day cycle, and the different kind of weather that happens on the Ark.

The true sky window should look like this :

haven’t tried it myself but let me know if it’s not working and i’ll spend some more time on this :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Thanks for the info wasn’t aware of the neat sky subsystem settings there, was able to get to those TrueSky sequence assets under the Environment/Sky folder - after I figured out that you click on the graph elements to effect the settings for a given time window, I tried changing the wind speed from 1 to 1000 for TheIsland_Default and TheIsland_Manual for the morning AM hours, but didn’t seem able to create faster cloud movement - lot of things to play with there though, so can keep tweaking things but glad for suggestions if someone more familiar with TrueSky knows exactly what to do.