How make AI avoid static actors?

How make AI avoid static actors? AI should not be close to it and run in a circle. I want path built beforehand.


If you know how to build navmesh already, then making AI actors avoid static actors is pretty simple. You have to open up the static mesh actor by double clicking it and then in the properties, you have to find “Navigation”. Under navigation section, you have to check IsDynamicObstacle to true.

I have navmeshBoundsVolume, AI and staticMeshActor. I’ve configured StaticMesh as u said, but it didn’t help. AI still doesn’t avoid obstacles, and crashed into him. But if I create NavModifierVolume with NavArea Null, and AI avoids it correctly. Please tell me my mistake?

Have you checked if you are static mesh has a well defined collision volume. Can you share some screen shots!? I am doing the exact same thing and it seems to work for me