How make actor to disable collision for all actors of chosen class

I have character and i want to disable collision for all selected actors (for example wall actor) on press button space (for example)

So let’s say pressing space bar triggers the event.

If you want to somehow “intelligently” manage which objects lose their collision, you need to get a reference to the selected objects somehow, and insert them into an array. Then, once spacebar is pressed, run through a for each loop to disable the collision.

If you already know which objects should have their collisions disabled, you can either bind an event dispatcher in the wall actors themselves, or use some other object as a “manager” with the references to the objects which need to have their collisions disabled.

I tried this way and i didn’t get the right result. I took all actor of class, Ignore them, but i continue to collide with them.

Oh it worked for me in the past, sorry if it’s not what you where looking for. Maybe JoSf’s way it’s to tricky but it should work.