How make a plane object with a video on it clickable?

Hello everyone,

This is my first project on Unreal Engine and I have issues concerning blueprint. I would like to make a screen (a plane object with a video texture on it and I’ve got a level full of screens) clickable so when I left-click on the screen, the video begin (if it’s on pause) or pause (if the video is working).

If you mean literally clickable as in, with your mouse cursor: first you’ll need to make a custom Player Controller and check Show Mouse Cursor, and Enable Click Events, in its Class Defaults. Make sure your game mode class in your map is set to use this player controller.

Make a blueprint class for you screen. Add a static mesh for your screen, make sure this has collision.

Click your mesh, and in the details panel if you scroll down, you will see an On Clicked event, click the green plus button, and from this event you can add the events to play the video.

Thanks, I’ll try that and tell you about it !