How long would it take to make the Elemental tech demo?

I still haven’t actually done anything with U4, and have never made any models etc, just reading up on docs and theory just now.

So could you give me a fair idea of how long it would take to create the ETD, are we talking a group of modelers/scripters say weeks or months to make. I also take it everything you see is modeled in a wireframe mesh first then imported, every boulder, ornament, building, terrain etc, I mean how could it not be, how else would you do it.

So how many man hours and what size of team would you need for this, just to give me a benchmark idea of what kind of work is involved.

I think the credits for the developers/artists who worked on it are somewhere but I can’t find it. It was probably something like 5-10 people for a few months working on it. Since it was the first demo it may have taken some time since they were still developing engine features during that time. The models are created in a different program and then brought into UE4.
But this is high-end work so if you’re not experienced then it would take much longer.