How long until Vulkan becomes first class on PC?

I see work for DX12 in trello, but no mention of Vulkan becoming a main feature where I don’t have to build from source in order to enable it for PC/Windows.

Any updates here?

Vulkan is in 4.13, you don’t need to compile from source to enable it. And on the roadmap Vulkan is higher ranked than DX12 if I remember correctly.

Read through this thread: :slight_smile:

One quote from there:

Mind telling me where to enable it from the editor? Do I just have to launch a standalone game with -vulcan as a parameter in the options list?

Just look at the first post in the thread I linked :wink:

Shame on me for assuming it was a new menu item when it is still on the command line.

Hi. would like to double confirm as now updated to 4.13 the vulkan build option still grey out and experimental. Is OpenGL ES3.1 same as vulkan? As I’m able to to preview viewport in High-End mobile preview. Please advise. Im working on Android Note 7! How do i enable the vulkan option at the build section. Do i need to compile from source? Many Thanks!

It’s going to be a long time yet. Best bet is to continue focusing on DX12 at the moment, it’s a lot more stable.

He’s working on a Galaxy Note 7, do you really think his best bet is to focus on DX12? :wink:

Whoops, should have quoted the OP to make it clear who I was replying to. :slight_smile: The original question was about PC.