How long until payment?

I know that it says within 45 days of the end of the month, and only when it is over $100, but I am quite a bit over that minimum and I am relying on the money to pay rent and bills. How long does it generally take to process and receive payment?

I normally receive payment anywhere between the 10th - 20th seams to vary quite a bit month to month

My 3 payments have arrived on the 10th & 11th of each month. I will be expecting payment for March around the same day this month.

I’m in the same boat as @Jamendxman3, typically between 9th & 11th.

Thanks for the responses guys! Do you get any sort of notification when payment goes out?

You’ll usually get a sales report emailed to you the day before the funds enter your account. =)

Is there anyone I can directly talk to about being paid? Ive sent an email to the marketplace support a few days ago but I haven’t heard anything back from them.

What date did your package go live on the marketplace?

It went live April 6th

So 45 days from end of April means June 14th. That’s ~when you get paid.

Why does it take 45 days? That is the maximum time they said it would take to get paid, assuming that you’ve made over $100, which Ive made over 30x that amount. I sent them an email 5 days ago but still haven’t got a response.

Nice job on making over 300 sales on that!

Thanks, I was actually surprised when I was getting roughly 15-20 sales a day for the first week, I thought that I would have only made $100 tops.

You have misunderstood the terms.

Let me rephrase it for you:

If your sales in a month is higher $100 you will get paid after 45 days, starting when the month ends. So for example your sales in April are more than $100, you’ll get paid around June 14th.
If your sales in a month is lower than $100 you will get paid within one calendar year.

So far you are still about 15 days away from when you should be getting paid. If you didn’t receive payment by June 15th then you can give it a day or two and still if didn’t get anything then you should start worrying and PMing/Emailing.

Thats what I said. They say within 45 days, meaning that is the maximum time it will take to get paid. I completely understand the terms, its just both people here, and several other people Ive talked to have been paid roughly 2 weeks after the end of the month, and Im wondering why its taking so long, as I have bills and stuff to pay come June 1st and I am relying on this income for that.

I have always been getting paid just about 43 days by the end of every month. If others are getting paid sooner that’s cool but I guess I can’t make a compliment why I’m not getting paid sooner too. It’s not related to the account balance I think. because I have had bad months and good months but payment time never changed for me.

Edit: And don’t worry, you’d be getting paid every 30 days or even sooner from now on. It’s only the first month of the first package that you have to wait long for the payment to come because you have not had any sales for the month before the first month.

Yeah this is why I was wondering, and why I sent them an email. I wanted to know why it takes so long and if there is any chance they could speed it up before the end of the month.

Most likely you need to pay you bill with something else because as far as I know they don’t speed it up for individuals per request.

Edit: I don’t have a seller badge, that’s the real problem. :wink:

PM Stephanie about it, she should be able to hook you up with one. Come join us in the Creator’s Hub! =P

Is that really a place or… just saying? :cool: