How long should it take to start a project?

It took 64 minutes to compile the engine from source. I opened the editor and selected the top down code starter. I’ve been waiting for it to compile this starter project for over 45 minutes now, it doesn’t seem right.

It’s set to “local windows debugger” “debug editor” “win64” “TopDownTest”. I right clicked on the “TopDownTest” solution and chose “project only”->build.

system specs: 2.8ghz i7 & 8GB Ram.

Is it normal for it to take this long, and am I going to have to wait like this to recompile every time I change something?

ok, it took almost an hour to build. I have to be doing something wrong here, but I have no idea what it is.

I found this video tutorial on the Unreal Engine YouTube channel. You might have used it, but it’s worth pointing out if you haven’t.

A clean build of UE 4 on my i7 3.4 ghz, 16 GB ram and non-ssd takes I’d estimate 10-20 mins? Opening and compiling a new project without rebuilding the core engine should take a couple mins.

Making minor changes to the project rebuilds in under a min.

The latter might be true, a full rebuild-all takes a long time but hey…thats perfectly fine. A full engine- and all other tools rebuild is something you don’t do very often.
Anyway, if you have more than one PC at home. (who doesnt) it’s a good idea to setup a ‘compile farm’. Meaning you use other computers CPU power to compile parts of the project. Some very good free applications are available on the net.

If you check the YouTube video mentioned, you see that the build-log writes something about 48 prozessors or cores in use, meaning the guys at EPIC do the same :wink:

Without compiling the engine even the first compilation should take max 2 mins.

Try to right click your project and rescan as soon as you open it up in VS 2013. If this didn’t work rescan UE4 to. Sometimes intermediate files are not scanned at start up , so your project is built from scratch.