How long does packaging take?

Currently trying to package to Windows x64
Its been nearly two hours and its still packaging.
My project is fairly big (8GB) but I wanted to know if this is normal wait times?

Hi LDodds,

Packaging a project, especially one with a lot of content can be very time consuming. That also depends on your system specs. Even with a higher end computer packaging can still be time consuming though.

If you’ve not already, you may want to read through this page in the documentation: Packaging Unreal Engine Projects | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Some takeaways would be to make sure that you only package the maps that you want to include. This will only use content that is available in those maps rather than packaging all content. You can also set the option for Create compressed cooked packages to reduce the package size, but not necessarily the time it takes to complete.

Thank you!


To only package maps that I want to include, do I just set the default map in “Maps and Modes?” Or is there some trick to it? I have been waiting hours on a fairly high-end computer to package a game with no more than 7Gb of assets.

Edit: I just found the “List of maps to include in packaged build” option under “Packaging” in the “Project Settings” menu! Trying it out now.

It depends on the size of the project, if you have for example a 100 GB project I would think it takes longer than when you have a 10 GB project.

For me it takes about 5-10 minutes to package a project of 5 GB.

My 13.9 GB project is taking hours since I converted it from 4.17.2 to 4.20.3
And it logs all kinds of files I never saw it log before in the Output log pane, such as Module.Engine.7_of_38.cpp

What’s up with that?

Maybe Because you have included “Editor Contents”. “.cpp” files are usually contained in “Engine C++ Classes” folder which may be hidden in Content Browser.