How long does it take you to perform "git status/git diff" for the *engine*?

I’ve started modifying the engine. So far, I’ve changed about 3 lines in the whole source tree.

Building the engine takes me about 45min. Idk if this is fast or slow, but I’m on a 5yo PC, with a good SSD, but now 3yo…
Anyway, what I don’t understand, is how it is possible to VS 2017 to build the engine in 45min,
but then “git diff” takes over 70min! That is crazy. With times like this,
it’s more practical for me to note the changed files in some text file, than to ever ask git.

How long does it take on you computers? Is that a “normal” value?
I haven’t let git status run to completion yet, but last time I tried, I killed it after over 30 minutes.