How long does it take to get a post approved?

And does this happen for every post?


Post approval is only required once. This is used to prevent spammer accounts from flooding the forums with spam. Once you are approved, you are able to post freely.

The time it takes depends on the activity of our moderation or Epic staff. Unfortunately weekends may experience delays.

You are now approved to post.

Thanks, Stephen. I posted a question in another section (Rendering) but it didn’t appear… or, at least, I couldn’t see it. I’m wondering if I should re-do it… but I don’t want to double-post.

I see it here:

It looks like it came out of moderation when I approved this post.

Thanks, i was looking for this answer. Need to mingle around forum thread for a while and lurking before can get active in forum

Oh yeah google brought me to this thread… i was wondering why nothing i posted showed up yet.