How long does it take to develop a multiplayer game with no game developing experience whatsoever?

So i am a 3d artist, i have enough experience to model game ready assets and rigging and animating them(in blender btw). Now that i want to get into unreal, i dunno where to start. Apart from learning the basics from youtube, can someone give a brief idea of the things to do to develop a multiplayer 3d game? plus how much time will it take to do the same(assuming that i have 3 hours a day)

It is all very dependent on the type, size and scope of the game you wish to create.

Share some idea of what you’re thinking of, and perhaps someone with experience in that type of game can chime in :slight_smile:

^ This ^ … The only other thing you can say without knowing more about the game, is that it will take far longer than you ever thought possible (unless you’re lucky enough to be a savant or the game is really simple). So estimate how much time it will take you - then double it - then treble it, and then you’re probably still only a third of the way there. Game dev is merciless that way. Its the greatest time destroyer you’ll ever meet in your life.

The only idea devs can really offer anyway, is to tell you how long a prototype will probably take… For a full game? Most of time - think years not months.:wink: Unless you can assemble a crack team who will agree to work for hamburgers. And on that, honestly, its easier to find a winning lottery ticket on the street.:stuck_out_tongue: Key point: if your game idea is something on the scale of an MMO, then don’t even bother to write back, as its not happening…:smiley:

BTW: It can help to search for GDC talks about similar games, to give you an idea of how far you personally have to progress. Its easy to deceive yourself thinking a particular multiplayer idea is actually very simple, as its just a bunch of bouncing balls or floating physics actors, which is actually quite a simple idea in singleplayer. Or having lots of dense crowd scenes as well. All doable in singleplayer. But in reality multiplayer is a mindf*ck! :mad:

Not trying to put you down, I suggest you should start from smaller scale game to understanding the game engine instead of jumping to straight multiplayer game, even the a small multiplayer game request few people to create it from zero.

as mention above, if you are making a MMO RPG, you might need more then 50 people just about the content and the programming part.

I’d say around 2-3 years to make a full game. A demo/vertical slice with limited level design/characters/skills etc can be done in couple of months.
You can start from checking this 3 tutorials - “Multiplayer Souls-like action RPG”, “Multiplayer FPS shooter” and “Multiplayer dungeon crawler” DevAddict's Unreal Engine Courses
PS. They cover only gameplay side, so you will still have to figure out how to setup and run servers, handle users, save their data and such sings on your own.