How long does a Marketplace submission take?

Hey guys,

From now to two months I will be submitting my first project to the marketplace, I would like someone to tell me how long does the marketplace submission normally take? Because I’m totally new to the UE4 marketplace :slight_smile:


It varies too much for a straight answer. It depends on 2 main things: the category of the product and the assigned reviewer.

However… Once your product gets approved, it won’t automatically “go live”. Nobody would see it until you manually publish it. Therefore, your best strategy is to submit something WIP, but decent enough to have a chance to be approved, and polish it while you wait.

I did that.

The submission process takes about 15 business days for review or even more if you have issues with your product not following proper standards for acceptance. Depending on which type of assets you are publishing be sure to know what is expected from you as publisher, so you won’t be too frustrated with delays on review. You need to be aware that your timezone might not match with the reviewers and that e-mails exchanges between reviewer and you will increase the delays if you take too much time to respond or provide the requested product changes to comply with MP standards.