How long compile time take?

For example, Unity engine, revise one source code and then click unity editor, compiling start, normally done within 8 sec (small, simple project) to 30 sec (big, complicated source).

Then how about unreal engine’s case? How long it take for compile after revise source code?

I haven’t experienced unreal yet, so curious.


There’s a big difference between the two engines, with UE4 if you are editing C++ then you’re working with the actual source code of the engine, with Unity you aren’t, the only code your compiling there is whatever scripts you have for your project

So, how long time it took at Unreal?

And this means if later game project bigger and source code line increased, compile time also increased? Up to how long?

And also this means using blueprint game making does not have compile time? But blueprint is very limited for game making, right?

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