How link static library to project?

Hello everyone, I am a new unreal engine user.

I have a question about linking a static library to a UE4 project. I looked at a lot of documentation on this but there is no demo / tutorial. Most of the time, these are just forums that talk about issues. The recent wiki shutdown doesn’t help as a lot of people are talking about a tutorial link that no longer exists. Do you know where I can find a tutorial to help me?
This link is deprecated:

For information, I have the *.lib and *.h of another project that I would like to link to my UE4 project (4.24.3).
I have tried generating a ThirdParty plugin with the editor builder, but I can’t seem to call the default auto-create function. The inclusion of .h is not done.

Thank you for reading me, I only need to know the steps to follow in order to properly link my static library to my project.


Desperada, I made an archive of those articles. They are not in great shape, but you should be able to find it here:

You might also find an updated version here:

Thank you very much, it is a valuable job that you have done. However regarding my problem, I have not found a solution for the static libraries to link to a game project. You have referenced a guide to add a library to the engine directly, but it is incomplete.

I found a few days ago this guide recovered thanks to an archive but it seems deprecated.
Edit:Also, I’ve just found this guide on your website.

I solved my problem by following this guide. It is very well explained and offers additional advice.

So I close this topic.

Thank you.

I love this…that last link is also 404