How iterate Blueprint Class from Graph ?

In Widget Blueprint Designer, i checked the Var checkbox in all UI TextBlock elements, to create Var in order to manipulate from Graph.

In Graph, i select they one by one (i can’t select all at once, but in designer i can do it to modify common settings and save time), and in Details tab set they inside the same custom Var Category (property metadata).

Now i need a Graph Node to call all Vars in this Category in the target Blueprint Class. I searched in nodes list, but not find it, exist ?

The goal is create TextBlock Array of all TextBlock Vars i fit inside the selected custom Category.


I believe there is no inbuilt function that will allow you to access all text widgets as an array. But you can create your own array of type “Text” object, and then set its Instance Editable property to True. This will cause the array to show up in the details panel of the Design Tab. From here, you can easily add the required text widgets to the array through the dropdown list which will show all text widgets present in your main widget.

Thanks, it work perfect. Is good to have a way to fill the array directly from Designer :slight_smile:

I currently do it from Graph, i create a function in order to use minimal space inside Event Graph, spawn all Vars + Make Array node and link all. From Event Graph just call the function that return the array. I like comments to arrange Var groups inside function, and made maintenance a bit more clear and fast that just a list, especially if UI becomes big. For example delete several vars at the same time.

But both ways require manually maintenance beyond TextBlock element in Designer, that is a waste of time. We can’t take profit from category ? Is only a stetical element in Blueprints ?

Hope there are one way to iterate class, like we can do in C++, to find Property based on meta data filter, and automaticaly create array of vars from the selected category.

The goal is to made it easy like C++, just select inside TextBlock element Details the custom category, and thats all ! the Graph node do the work :wink:

We can modify the UI TextBlock elements, add, delete, change names, tree position, no matter… after compile array updated automatically.

If the UI comes big, iterate over class becomes necessary. Hope someone know how to do it, or Epic make this useful node in future version of Editor, regards.