How is the economy likely to recover after all of this COVID pandemic in your opinion?

What do you see as the long-term strategy of every country for fighting this pandemic for its people and economy? Any ideas? Share your thoughts.

Print more money, lend it to biggest banks/airlines. Blame covid for own government retardness.
It will not recover, they will try to push back all that dooming global economy crisis, and if they fail it will be blamed on covid, if it gets postponed we wait for next convenient crisis.

Or second way out is some big global war, so everybody forgets about economy, we all understand that we are lucky to live, nobody will riot about being poor yet again (cannot riot in trenches really). And after war survivors will be really happy to have warm soup and bed. Big reset so bankers can start printing new money all over again.

Yes I am very optimistic about survivors of next global war.

The issue is that you have most people not understanding that we are on a collision trajectory with nature. We saw the branch we are sitting on.

No people understand this well, problem is that nobody (Well almost) want to limit their steaks, suv, air conditioning etc.

Then you have hypocrisy of governments, they weep over C02 emission. But nobody even mentions about electronics products that last 2 years, then we dispose them. Europe is happilt making “green” energy, but nobody counts in pollution in china created while digging and processing rare earth elements for production of those “Green” energy sources. Elon is producing electric cars, and again nobody mentions about all that lithium waste batteries.

Or thing with C02 emissions that is not calculated flat per capitia.

So why i should suffer and not have my steak with all that bs around.

Biden would help bring less volatility to market and stop dumb trade wars with China. that would be a start…

Look at the stock market right now, Trump is a short seller, chaos brings in money for him. While average people suffer from the volatility he is intentionally causing week after week.

Friendly advice: don’t get political here, particulary on US politics.

The topic is about “economy”.
There’s no economy without politics.

Yes, but one thing are policies and another are politicians. And the first is what matters.

This feels like a class assignment.:stuck_out_tongue: As regards a strategy for fighting it? First you have define what the problem is and not many agree on that (especially countries with the highest cases ;)) … But if you take a closer look, there is a pattern that countries are falling into. Most only have moderate cases and even less fatalities, yet they’re still in crisis mode… Why?

The economy has tanked due to forced lockdowns. They elite argue they had to do this. Some are even encouraging citizens to rat their neighbors out.:mad: Not so much to protect the vulnerable, but to protect vulnerable health systems, which are chronically under-funded due to a lack of emergency beds. If they don’t do this, deaths will skyrocket they say, because there’s too few resources to save people’s lives. So how did this happen?

For many, it goes back to a lost decade of paying for bankster’s crimes - aka politician’s best pals. The money that could have been poured into healthcare was sacrificed to austerity to bail-out banksters and their mega-debts (in order to appease international investors). Look at where that got them… Now politicians are answering to a new high-priest: tech billionaires… At the very time they need the money, they’re actually defending big-tech so they don’t have to pay billions in back taxes. That’s just all wrong. No matter how you roll or what your politics are, billions from tax could be saving lives right now!

Shutting down the economy overall won’t protect the population anyway. Most will still have to gamble on herd immunity. Even if a vaccine works, there’s no infrastructure to roll it out on a large scale either. So only the over 60’s, front-line workers and those with pre-existing medical conditions will qualify. Everyone else will have to take their chances anyway. So why shut-down the whole economy? Other countries didn’t… Applying resources locally to cocoon the vulnerable is a smarter play.

Economically though, its very strange times. Anyone who can work remotely isn’t as affected. That’s why housing is stable (or trending higher), and stock markets are on fire! Its only really front-line and gig-economy workers that are getting creamed! And most don’t own stocks or houses. They rent (if they haven’t already been evicted). Most were priced out of the housing market already before this, thanks to inequality. So welcome to another lost decade for them. So who’s going to defend their rights or address any of that? Politicians and their pals?! Hah! :rolleyes: Nothing short of a French revolution or uprising is going to fix this! But as far as demographics go, their vote doesn’t count, so they can be easily sacrificed…

So what about game devs? Its becoming increasingly risky to align your fortunes to any particular country, especially as the elite tend to defend the rights of corporations first (some even treat them like people). But its the theft / fraud / misappropriation of funds during this crisis that will define a new era of corruption imo. But what can indies do about any of this? Digital Nomad / FIRE lifestyles offer some options - if you can find somewhere to arbitrage cost of living versus pay / income:wink:

Thanks for sharing your inputs I love it. How do you even help to control pandemic?

You mean what can individuals do to help? Wear a mask at all times if possible, especially indoors counter-intuitively - when in close proximity to others in badly vented spaces. Wearing a mask outdoors when jogging in a park (not in continuous close proximity to others) is pretty meaningless according to experts. The risk is already 20 times lower outdoors, and probably even lower than that in windy / rainy environments. Overall most pros think the virus would die out naturally, if only the world would stay at home for two weeks (R0 < 1). :cool:

Many people spend ages cleaning surfaces or products bought in shops too, not realizing that the risk of catching the virus this way is only 10% versus 90% close contact with an infected person. People are scared of flying. Yet they’re sitting on poorly ventilated buses without HEPA filters. Facebook and the rest of the media, plus politicians, haven’t done a great job of explaining the actual real risks. But maybe that’s to be expected when the CDC / WHO can’t even agree if this virus is airborne or not, or if herd immunity is likely or not.:wink:

One of the best untapped actions (also in regards to the economy), is to immediately legalize cannabis.

Brings in billions
Helps to keep people home
Can be done during pandemic
Studies show benefits of cannabis ingredients against covid
Reduces crime
Controlled environments

+1… Most expert reports on the ‘war on drugs’ show its been a complete failure (caused more harm than good). Portugal legalized drugs 20 years ago, and it didn’t lead to the end of civilization! How about Germany, what are politics like there? It seems like the world is waiting on the US to change or lead the change. But the US is locked into a spiral of self-destruction. The Breonna Taylor shooting should never have happened, yet it keeps happening, and will keep happening FOREVER…:wink:

Stock market’s ETFs for cannabis are actually dying lol

It’s a mixed bag, the conservatives are still shy to face reality, the usual suspects are in deep denial when it comes to the benefits and the so called war on drugs. However, the Green party in Germany has gained lots of traction in the past few years, often climbing to the second strongest party in votes and local elections. So change for more freedom is on the horizon. Additional the electric car is starting to make a considerable impact in Germany and Europe, which is some sort of related progression, in the land of the car and outdated diesel motor, late, but now taking up pace.

it depends on industry, it’s double edge knife. It’s good for online business and bad for facade business.

In my mother state having a second lock down due to third wave of covid outbreak in her state, tons of small restaurant with tiny financial backup, clothing store or anything related is closing down or goes bankrupt. And everyone especially younger people turning into online purchase, everyone order food delivery to their house, they got 2 more new store house for delivery company near my house due to dramatic increasing of the delivery goods.

Some years ago (after Greece bankruptcy) i heard that Deutche Bank is technically bankrupt. So now Europe waits for germany not being able to cover it or sponsor anymore.
With DB going down whole happy socialistic eurokolhoz will sink. This year will be remembered for centuries to come.

Just like in Omikron The Nomad Soul,Blade Runner series,Detroid Become Human,Deus Ex series,Akira anime,Cyberpunk 2077 it might start New Age. So called New World Order. Minority of people(those who always beliefs of vaccines side effects-they prefer natural medicines) won’t accept RFID biochips(very popular phenomenon in Sweden)due to many religious beliefs(it means big troubles in eternal,infinite afterlife according to clairvoyants). Let’s hope it won’t ruin Matrix 4. New Big Brother era.

As part of the elite, I approve this message. You will bow before us, whether you like it or not.

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