How is steamworks integrated with a UE4 dedicated server.

I want to host a UE4 dedicated server on like digital ocean or somewhere. Can I then integrate Steamworks with that dedicated server to be the master server? Also how in the world is steamworks free. Does anyone have an answer for that?

This is a troublesome area for many myself included. There was a pr that people have gotten working but requires using advanced sessions and the pr I believe if you look for using steamworks you’ll come across the wiki. I haven’t gotten it workjng myself.

However unreal has mentioned a steam oss update in the works in crossing my fingers they’ll get the kind of support for this as changes in engine versions have broke. Such things and require a 3rd party to update this code to be compatible.

So for now you’re looking at just player to player hosted servers :frowning:

Here is what I was referring to