How is my camera being controlled?

New to C++ coding.

I have a custom character blueprint with a parent that is a custom C++ Character class. There’s nothing in the BP part and a camera is spawned in the C++ code. I also have a custom player controller that does stuff including overriding the AplayerController UpdateRotation function. I’m not directly rotating or otherwise controlling the camera I spawned in any way. However using the UpdateRotation() and Super::UpdateRotation(DeltaTime); does make my camera rotate around my player. How is this happening and how do I stop it or control it?

There are a lot of intertwined components at play. Some things to check:

One of the settings on the camera ( which is on the pawn) is : Use Pawn Control Rotation
If you are using a Spring Arm (which is typically also on Pawn), there is also Use Pwn Control Rotation as well as Inherit Pitch, Inherit Yaw, Inherit Roll

In both these instances, the Controller rotation is often updated with input and it’s rotation applied to the camera.

There are more possibilities, too many to list - check docs…

Good luck!