How is babi formed

While we’re all waiting for an update to the DevKit, let’s just kick back for a bit and share our thoughts on the recent game update.
Specifically, how do you guys think the devs handled child dinos? Did they add new characters for each stage of growth? A dynamically changing mesh? Maybe it isn’t going to be a total pain to edit and they just assigned each dino time-based mesh changes?

They probably use morph blend shape on the mesh depending on the difference between the current game time and the creation time of the dino.

I would bet the just changed the scale value from an event

The screenshots show that the babies have different models from adults. Unless they can scale parts of a mesh separately, that’s unlikely.

Scaling individual bones in the skeleton can achieve this.

Does a blueprint node exist that can do this dynamically on server time?

encryption is right, they scaled the bones to achieve the baby

I want to use a part of the baby system for my mod. How do you spawn the eggs and baby’s with coding, I can’t find it. Is everything not reachable for us?