How In Sam's Hill do you make volleyball game?

Hello. I’m new to unreal and beginner to blueprint scripting. I was wondering and want to know: how do you make a volleyball game? I don’t have any clue to how to start making it. Can you please elaborate how to do it with a guide if possible. Thank you in advance.

Watch tutorials about unreal engine.
Then make your first very simple game, something like tps template, but done entirely by yourself.
Then watch more tutorials about scripting animations in unreal.
Then probably some vector math and trigonometry lessons.
Make your second not so silly (this time) game, like sidescorller or top down shooter with default animations.
Then learn more about animation scripting, materials, particle effects, sounds.
Make your first perfectly animated character
Find some artist who will create animations and characters for your game.
Use all that learned knowledge to put together character (with animations) needed for your game
Learn more vector math, learn unreal physics.
Learn C++ in two weeks
Find a way to detect and calculate how ball reacts to hits by players.
Last step create level
Now you should have prototype of your game, update unreal to latest 4.40 version.

Thank you for advice. And with the math and physics will help me with creating volleyball game. Thank you again.