How I work with Function "Calculate Projection Matrix"

Hello community,

I am trying to adjust the projection matrix of a BP camera for a parallax effect.

I have found the function “Calculate Projection Matrix”. Does anyone have an idea how to work with it? And what the output should be connected to?

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maybe u want to do some kind of custom frustum culling :shushing_face:

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Hello Husky!

That is a very good approach! Thanks for your answer!
My final goal is to implement this parallax (see video below) and this discussion in a simple blueprint, since I have no C++ experience:

Howto modify the projection matrix - Unreal Engine / Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

If that is even possible. How do you see this?

If I understand it correctly, the blueprint always goes from left to right, from input to output.
My idea would be based on your answer:
Get Camera View → “Calculations between desired view projection offset and minimal view info projection offset” → calculate projection matrix → Get … plane

However, after that I think a set function would have to come. Something like “Set Camera View” to distort the view. But I can’t find a set function.

(536) Off axis projection in Unreal 4 - YouTube

Many greetings!