How I paid tribute to GAMES, that are in use of this fenomenal Graphics ENGINE!

,… that has written true story in advanced Graphics for the Deskop PC-Gaming-Market!!

Well, I think the best is I get starting introducing myself on your Team.
I´m a passionated PC-GAMER, now for over two decades. And I must say the beginning of my passion get started, now back on the yaer of 2002.

With one of the best GAMES Series of this planet. The overhelming, very good and sensational Unreal Gaming Series. UNREAL Tournament was one hell of a great game. Loving these till nowadays. Played so mutch times. Capture the Flag and other Challenges,
But my absolute DREAM-OFF-GAME was your UNREAL 2- The Awaykening.
So wonderfully Graphics, that now I´m still playing it in 4K or 5K Resolutions.

My first PC was an Medion from ALDI.
This for hist time also medium good machine costs me about 1400€. With one Pentium 4 1.8GHz and one Gaming GPU. The wonderfully Nvidia Geforce Ti-200, with for her times outstanding 64 MB, of dedicated VRAM, Imagine this. My second PC was one Aztebis Targa Gaming Notebook from LIDL! One AMD Athlon 1.8GHz with Powertarget to 2.4GHz, autmatic overclocking. Then another great GPU-Card inside. One ATi Radeon 9000 Mobility, with dedicated 64MB of VRAM. Played this awesome GAME´s also there. But in Resolution of 1024x768, only. This was heavy enough for both PC-Systems.

But not for my nowadays, seriously GAMING Machines. I´m owning 3 Desktop PC´s!

The first of the new edge era I´ve bought in the beginings of last year, was one AMD Ryzen 1700X based PC with then AMD´s-Chipset for enthusiasts, the still good X-370. On a Asus Crosshair VI-Wi-Fi Board. Integrated in one Midi-Tower from Fractal Design Focus G Modell in blue!
The GPU is one still good Card. The Vega64 in the Nitro+ Editon from Sapphire with Dual-Bios. One low and quitly BIOS, and the other is the (louder get me very hot and steamy) BIOS. With one AMD Rszen 1700XThe RAM is from Corsair´s Vengeance Pro RGB-Series.
The DDR4-3000MHz, in two ranks giving me 16GB of Total running in Dual-Chanel-Mode.

The second Gaming Machine is evoluted.
From the first ZEN Archtiecture, off to an AMD-Ryzen-CPU´s of the newer one ZEN+ Architecture. So it´s one Ryzen 2700X. Equiped now with one furious heavyly armed NVIDIA RTX 2080 from Gainward, in the Phantom-Edition. I could improve her, overclocking the GPU Core with stable 1850MHz unstead the basics from 1710MHz. Another two pair´s of DDR4-3200 MHz from CORSAIRS RGB-Vengeance RAM are included. Runnin at Dual-Channel-Mode. The Mainboard is here one ASUS Gaming-Pro with the newer enthusiasttic Chipset X-470!

The last PC is another BEAST. Basically Identic to the middle System! but it has one Asrock Taichi Board, with 32 GB-DDR4-3600MHz RAM´s from Crucial RGB- Edition, in white and red Ranks. Also in Dual-Channel-Mode. But integrated in one FRACTAL Design Meshify Midi-Tower with temperad glass, on the left side, unsead the Plexi Glass, on the Focus G from FRACTAL Design. I´ve almost forget to mention the BEAST of the GPU inside. It´s one MSI Radeon VII, with her 16GB of HBM2-VRAM. What for a great piece of engineering from AMD.
The whole body Frame is from one block frased in Aluminium, with 3 Fans of 80mms icluded.

Not so Powerfull like the another 3 FANS of the my Sapphire´s Vega-64 CARD. But here we have one 7nm processed GPU Core, unstad the still in 12nm processed Vega-10 Chip. The bigger brother of AMD´s GPU-Chip. It´s the Vega-20 Chip!

Both Cards are optimized, very good with the awesome Driver Tool, integrated in the standard Graphics driver of AMD.
So both Cards are running smoothly and very qiuetly with a lower Ampere Target, unstead the basics one!

Best regards from your Manuel Rebelo

I hope you´re have enjoying my post here, in your forum´s today.
Please keep healty and strong.
To give us enthusiastic PC Players, more from your skills, in programming more evolutioned grades of this UNREAL Engine!
Pretty awesome and still one of the best Graphics engines in the whole planet!!

Only the Aliens outer Space, could do have some better Graphic engines!
But I´don´t know some of them. Do you maybe known somewhere else of them!?
Maybe the very friendly PAUL, from the Hollywood Movie. A very great production, indeed!
(I´m only joking, folks)