How I have continue?

I want create whole level at this map.

How I have continue ? For example . Roads sidewall car parking (landscape + material) ?? , mountains , etc. Or I have start of other point ? I was see video at youtube chanel world of level design video 11 Secrets for Level Design & Game Environment Ideas, Layouts, Reference w/“Google Maps 3D” Tutorial . I cant find work flow creation level of google referencion to complete level.

Hey @PeterBocian!

The best workflow that I found, and I highly suggest if you already have an entire map you are attempting to reproduce, is to work from large to small. You essentially want to tackle your biggest part first, then layer on the details after like you would a painting or any level for that matter.

Based on what you have I suggest: Landscape (including large rock features like mountains) → Buildings → Trees → Smaller objects like bike racks, cars, etc. → foliage → small detail objects/clutter/etc.

I do suggest creating your materials as you create each object as well!

I hope this helps point you in the right direction!


How I have to make landscape for this map ?

Hey @PeterBocian,

You can get the real world heightmap data from different sections of Google earth. As a warning, it may not be perfect and the landscape may need to be further modified if you are not building the landscape from scratch. Here is a non-Epic related video that shows an example of how to do that:

Importing Real World Heightmaps into Unreal Engine

I hope the above solution works for you!


Hi all,

I just wanted to add that there is also a new Cesium plugin that looks like it could help with this.

Also as a simple alternative consider downloading Google Earth and using the built-in measuring tools to sketch the area.



It looking good. Did you make something with this plugin ?

I need it do with 10 KM size croop map no so large how is at tutorial. I dont know how it number ( I have only automaticly generated subtitles and I know only read english).

I have too idea create big BSP with real size and texturing real satelite image for buildings palce. It is good idea ?

My second idea is create meshes for hills. I’ll be need only one hill for 3D character , other hills will be not open.

I’ll be

For example backround hill.

open hill

Hi again,

Yes, a texture on any mesh (plane or cube) is a good idea. In the upper-right corner of your 3D viewport there is a ‘Maximize or Restore this Viewport’ button. Click that and then you can use middle-mouse + drag in the orthographic viewports to measure distance.

About your spiky imported mountains - Heightmaps are just gray-values (0-255?) so “reducing the color” in the 2d image might be an option. (Also try scaling down the landscape in Z-axis)

For background hills - consider just taking an image of it and masking out the sky.