How i do i get the attached / children actors of an Actor?

Hello, i want to know in C++ what are the actors that are attached to another Actor (that has actors inside himself on the Scene outliner). How can i know this without iterating through all the actors and checking if it’s attached to our Actor? Thank you

Hi xlar8or

Its fairly simple actually, The AActor class has a public variable named ‘Children’. Its a TArray of AActor pointers.

Simply doing this should suffice

AActor* MyActor;
TArray<AActor*> MyActor_Children = MyActor->Children;

I think i typed for intellisense child or children and nothing came up. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: One question related to why i needed this, if an actor is owned by another actor that is owned by a character, the first actor is still network relevant to the character right?