how I create rigging for my character ?

how I create rigging for my character ? I created my character in zbrush but I knew not create the rigging to use him as a character in unreal … someone could tell me how I do it ?

Export your mesh to a 3d program like blender, maya, 3ds max,… and create your rigg. Depending on which 3d program you will use, I can post you some tutorials :slight_smile:

Oh thank you very much .
you could post some for maya ? already taking advantage of the movements are done the same way? ( blows animations etc. )

@sorry if there English mistakes, I 'm using google translator .

-with the “ART” plugin ->
-ordinary way ->

You need a rigg before you can create animations :slight_smile:

ah thank you, a question it is possible to do the rigging in 3ds max ? I once tried and qnd I cared for unreal said he did not accept a hierarchy of bones, just bones " isolated , or something I do not remember for sure

You might have a “multiple root found” error, which I saw is quite common.
Try to follow the guidelines of the standard mannequin ( you can export it in FBX directly from UE4 ) and create the rig in 3ds following the same hierarchy.

Worst case scenario, if in 3ds things won’t work, contact me in private since I did quite a lot of rigging for some users on this forum :wink:

You can do rigging with nearly every 3d program :wink:

thank you friends , Nicolas has sent a private Feedback .