How i change the speed in play mode if my project dont have any Blueprint ?

How i change the speed in play mode if my project don’t have any Blueprint ?

i still need help anyone ?

What do you mean by change speed ? of the character or the game ?
either way you can make a simple blueprint for both.

when you move you can set camera speed 1 to 8 but when you simulate/play you cant change your speed, also as i said early i dont have any blueprint i choose the Blank Project so i dont have an character in my project, i wanna move slow inside play/simulate

Create a Game Mode and a Player Controller blueprint in the content browser. Then right click in content browser > Blueprint > type Spectator pawn to custom classes search bar. Spectator Pawn is what the default empty project uses so now you have your own pawn which you can change the speed of in its Defaults tab > Max Speed.

Now open World Settings in the editor > pick your game mode, controller and pawn blueprints in Game Mode section and done.

thanks jacky

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I can’t follow your explanation.

I am able to create
a) New Game Mode
b) New Player Controller

But then… game over.

Can you please describe in more detail or post some screenshots.

Right Click in Content Browser?
If I do that, I don’t get any Blueprints?

I am getting a menu. Totally lost here. I would need to see step by step clicks and screenshots.

and by the way:
isn’t there in the project settings somehow an easier way to simple slow down the camera speed from the play mode?

If the Play mode is not active… it’s easy. You have in the editor the option to change the camera speed.