How i can set variable "bEnableMouseOverEvents" in blueprint?

Hello I’m new to blueprints and all UE4 but i’m learning quickly. I saw in the examples level “Blueprint_Mouse_Interaction.umap” the following graph.

I want to recreate everything that is why i’m trying to figure out from where i can get the variable set. I’ve tried what not and still do know. The other example i have which is similar is with variable current mouse cursor in the following graph

If someone ca help me that would be so cool.

Those varables are from player controller

You can get avarables from external class by grabing object pin (in this case Get Player Controller node output pin) and drop it to empty space, context menu will open with all possible connections, and there will be get and set of bluepriny exposed player controller varables.

Thank you so much. :slight_smile: