How i can set up a Fixed Camera that follow the player by Rotation ?

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Its a noob Question but its hard to solve this Problem for me.

I want a Fixed Camera somewere in the Level. (No Spring Arm )
This Camera Look at the Player and Follow just with rotation"Like u turn your Head"


Every tick of the camera, use a Find Look At Rotation between the camera location and the player location, then set the output to the camera’s rotation.

Thx for Reply,
Its a good idea but how i can do that ?
At the Moment my camera Follow the player with no turning like a sidescroller

First thing… right-click the Return Value pin where you are spawning in the camera actor and “Promote to Variable” so you have an easy reference to it and are not crossing those blue wires into the Tick event. In the Ticking function, make sure to check that this variable “Is Valid” first before trying to do anything on it too. (Because in your first couple ticks, that camera might not have been created just yet).

Anyways, the TInterp is going to blend position, rotation and scale all at the same time. And given you want a fixed camera, the only thing you really want to interp is just the rotation - so use an RInterp node instead. Right now, its trying to rotate the spawned camera towards the rotation of the chase cam which is why its acting like a sidescroller cam. (Its position is following that too because of the transform). “Current” is going to be the Actor Rotation of the camera you spawned. “Target” should be the result of the LookAt node Rhythm told you to use. This result should feed a Set Actor Rotation function on the spawned camera. Should be enough to get you going.

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Now when you have got busy so this is no longer a problem.
Want to make something like that for all I post my final Blueprint

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