how i can make character facing to crosshair or corsor mouse like how to survive/alienshooter

I want to know about how to make camera like that character alway face to crosshair hair or cursor mouse
there is tutorial or something?

Sorry to be blunt. But you are asking “How to make a game”.

Might I suggest that you start at the beginning by searching for what it is you are after in the documentation.

There are tonnes of guides and how-tos on here that will teach you pretty much everything you need. But if the documentation isn’t for you, you can always look on youtube

There is a template in the unreal engine for doing the exact kind of movement seen in “How to Survive”.

New Project >> Top Down.

sorry what i mean is how i can make my character face to cursormouse or crossghair like how to survive or alien shooter I dont know what type of game is call So i cant find any tutorial
that what I asking for So sorry for this mistake