How I can make an actor move through three ( not TWO ) different location points by using Ease or lerp nodes?

in ease node it require A and B location or transform positions , however I hope to make it A ,B , C positions …
just to make obstacles more complex that moves and hit the player …

Add a second lerp, Lerp A to B then B to C right after A to B finishes would be my guess. Otherwise look into “spline” movement.

If you want to lerp over multiple points simultaneously, then that sounds more like spline movement yeah.If you are okay doing a single lerp between just two points at a time and then switching to the next point once it completes the current one, then regular lerp with switching the points should work.

I tried that , but what happened that the cube took a middle path to the point c and skipped going first to b …

I used the squence node to switch and it didn’t work either , the cube keeps taking a middle path between the first point in the first lerp to the second point at the second lerp … while ignoring the middle points , … Idk why

got a screenshot?

^ yea I feel like you’re not doing the Lerp properly, it shouldn’t be allowed to take any middle path.