How i can equip differt ammon in same weapon?

Hi everyone

i have problem to equip multiple ammo in a weapon, i’ve done new weapon with 2 new type of bullet(1 healing and 1 torpor/hunger). this new weapon work well with the first bullet but i cannot equip other type of bullet… when i try to drag bullet the weapon icon it’s light up but i cannot complete the drag.
someone can help me? i really dont want make a weapon for any type of bullets…
sorry but english isn’t my main language XD

Take a look into Weap_Gun and PrimalItemWeapon_Gun, search for either “Ammo” or “Drag.” The PrimalItemAmmo_Bullet might also have a “Drag” feature. I might be wrong, but it’s a start.

thank for answering, i think the problem is something in weapon file cuz i’ve done arrow for normal crossbow and still works, actually i pref made only custom ammo.
Now i dont understand why my dmgtype and buff didnt work well, or rather healing buff works well but torpor/hunger didnt… i’ll study this problem, maybe when i’ll understand my mistake and i’ll make all things that i wanna do like give buff to armor or consumables.
have nice day :slight_smile: