How i can damage the character with leaser beam

I created a boss with a special attack of leaser beam. I created the leaser beam in niagara but I’m not able to find a way to damage the character with that beam please help me

Hi thanks for the response.

I think so we cannot activate overlap events with niagara.

I need a way to check that weather the character was hit by the niagara leaser or not

Simplest method would be to add a float variable to your character called health, and when your attack hits it decrements the health variable until it reached 0 or below where it would then do some death function of your choosing. You’ll want to use OnOverlapBegin or OnOverlapHit, depending on how you want to implement this, and those would trigger the health function to subtract the damage from your health.

Thanks I tried this and it’s work properly

I have not worked with Niagara, but have worked with regular particles. For the beam, you must raycast to find the endpoint for the laser, in the same trace you can “Apply Damage” to the actor who was hit, and in your pawn for the “Any Damage” event, do the necessary logic to reduce hp.