How i can add a item in my game

hello guys i create an sword but i have’nt any idea how add him

UE4 don’t come with ready inventory system (like previues versions of UE), so you need to make one yourself, suitable for your game. Firstly you need to understand how classes work in UE, obviuesly your item needs to be a Actor and you need to create base class (blueprint is a class) which will be skeleton for all your items containing varables (like name of item, stats, mesh being used) and functions/events (to control item, use, equip, drop item) which all items will inherent and all your item universally gonna use it. Then you need to make you character able to use those items, most besic form of inventory is simple array of items, you sound like making RPG so you will need variables for equip slots, then you make code in character which will apply mesh of item on character as components and code that makes character use item. It’s wide topic and you need to plan out your inventory system first before doing it, for that you need to know real basics which most tutorials lacking, heres something for good start, my tutorial about basics of classes and how inhirence works, might give you general idea, insted of cat boxes it can be your items

Also check out how old UE inventory system was structured:
  • (base item class, name can fool you)

  • (this class is a inventory class, which was attach to Pawns and functions as inventory for pawn)

You can also search for some tutorials, but i really recomand you to think out your own inventory system based of those tutorials you find insted of just coping, one of reasons why old UE inventory system was removed was because it was made mainly for FPS shooters, engine tries to be universal and each game needs it’s own inventory solution based on your gameplay design.