How I am making my very first game, and using Unreal Engine 4!

[PART 1, 05/03/2017]

1 year ago, I decided to throw everything I had, university on its last semester, my job on Hyundai to develop games. I never was a big fan of Console games, because I played as professional gamer on Starcraft 2 and League of Legends in Brazil, until I play the Dark Souls 3.

I never got the feeling of killing a boss that you died so many times trying like in Dark Souls before, so I decided to create a game inspired by that. I hated to program, and that was one of reasons of leaving my University, but I really decided that I would do anything to develop these kind of game fastest possible, even if I needed to learn how to program games.
Everyone called me crazy **** that with no money, manpower and investment, I never would be able to make 5% of a Dark Souls. So that was my objective, to prove that even me that never made any small games, with the right focus and dedication can be a indie game developer.

If you guys want to know more about my history I don`t mind to post more about it, but the end of this history is:

6 months later - The prototype already got Sony Partnership to release games to PS4

12 months later - Got Brazilian governamental funding on a indie game contest

I would appreciate feedbacks, critics, and if my is looking like ****, why is it to get better and better.
Obviously with Black Iris project I will never be 5% of the quality of Dark Souls 3, but I really want to make games on that genre but using my unique style.

Alpha Trailer:

[PART 2, 08/11/2017]

Here you go guys, we got some interested publishers in our game and we are working in our first public demo from our alpha version to send to them!

I pitched personally to Bandai Namco, SEGA, Yodo, XSeed Mavelous on a international event here in Brazil and they told me to send a demo!

One publisher asked me too how much if I want to sell the entire game to them, that was only information that I did not studied with details hahaha, but here is our WIP from what we need to send to them:


Holy… that boss fight is pretty good.
How many ppl working on this?
When you left your job, how you handled money situation?
I have big plans too however i can work only in my free time (so progress isnt so fast). Good luck man (team), you are on good way.

Thank you for support!

We are working on a 4 man team, so everyone is a one man sector or is handling 2 3 sectors alone.

Well, I had savings to live like 1 year, luckly I had a little knowledge after studying 1 year and got some money doing some classes on VFX and Game School and being Unreal Engine 4 consultant for some companies.

When I quit my job and university I was 23 years old, so I just tought is now or never because I’m getting old, so met very good partners and the we learned a lot in a small amount of time!

Good luck in your jouney too!

Great looking game! You should be able to get a good deal with a publisher for sure.

The only thing visually that you should maybe work on a bit is the main characters movements. From the trailer they felt a bit static when part of such a beautiful game. As you spend all the game looking at them good isn’t enough, they should be marvelous!

Thanks for the tips! Our main limitation is the animations, because we did not found a good animator that follow our way of thinking, but we will polish for sure!