How I add VXGI not from Github

Good afternoon,

I heard from youtube and from some forums that there is a Nvidia VXGI Plugin for the Unreal engine 4 and that I should do someting with github to “activate” it in Unreal engine 4. But these webpages did not exist anymore

Can you help me what I doing wrong??

P.S. I still downloaded this file here NVIDIA VXGI 2.0.1 | NVIDIA Developer
but I have no Idea how to install this. It wont work if I pull this into the plugin folder

Yours Faithfully,

The same problem bro(

connect your github account to unreal engine account, setup profile

Yes Thank you I connected,

I’m Sorry but what do I do now?

How I get the plugin into ue4?

Yours faitfully

Hi UnrealCry,

If you have linked your GitHub and Unreal Engine accounts, and joined the Epic Games organization on GitHub, you should be able to go back to the VXGI branch that Nvidia has and download the Engine from there. If you download the Engine from this branch, it will include VXGI.

You would then just need to run Setup.bat, then GenerateProjectFiles.bat, then build the Engine in Visual Studio. You can find some more information about getting started with GitHub here.

Same problem here

Sorry guys , I did not connect github account properly . Now I got it.
I think there are lots of tutorial on YouTube how to install.