How heavy can be collisions?

Hi !
So I was thinking about something while working on a big scene : How heavy can be collisions in UE4 ?
Most of the time, I use the default collision or the “Use complex as simple” collision and I was wondering if this option could be heavy. I know you can use a mesh as a collider but is it really that bad to use the complex collisions ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Essentially the more heavier the collision meshes are, and the more of them there are, the higher the performance requirements for the computer playing it will be - as you would suspect. If your question was “to what extent does having a lot of complex collisions affect the performance?” I would be saying “rather a lot”.

The best way to make a game is to make the game and when it’s nearing some level of completion, get your friends with lower specced computers to try it, find out what’s consuming the most resources, and what you can tone down. Figure out a target specification you want your game to run on and see how close you can get it.

Early optimization is a waste of time - not because it’s pointless but because it’s very literally taking time to optimize code that your final product may not even use. It is easier and more efficient to update the code later on.

Of course, if you gain very little from the heavier use of collisions then it might be better to omit them from the get-go.