How hard would it be to import maps into map extensions

How hard would it be to import maps from already made maps like valhalla, shigo islands ect. into a map extension?

Are you referring to trying to import those maps into the DevKit, and make Map Extensions based on those?

If you are, I don’t entirely know how that would work, or that it’s even possible for custom maps - yet.

For starters, I don’t think you can import the map without the source files('tis how it works with normal mods) and I think even then to be able to make map extensions you would probably need the source to be able to place things where you want them to be in-game - like how it works with TheIsland.

If it is possible, and you only need the source, getting that becomes the biggest hurdle. A lot of work goes into maps, more than traditional mods, anyway, and the makers of those maps will 9/10 not be willing to provide that access. The sheer size of the source files would be a burden, also. Cooking compresses things considerable, and steam does it’s part too. I’ve seen maps close to 4GB’s… I’d hate to see the raw file size.


According to the Properties window in Explorer, the folder for The Island that comes with the dev kit is 1.56 GB. That does not include any of the assets in other folders, such as trees and the like.

So, friggin huge when you consider that The Island is one of the smallest maps.