How hard is it to make a Set Keybind Button for Blueprints?

Howdy dear C++ pros!

I got a little question. As you all know, you can get axis and input button values, but you can’t set them in blueprint. So basicaly if someone knows only blueprints, there is no way for him to have keybindings changed as the functionality is not exposed for it.

I got the fear that Epic is not really interested on exposing this function, so my question is this;

How hard is it to have “Set Input Keybind” exposed to blueprints? Note that I am not asking for creating etc. All I want is a node to be able to set a specified keybind value to something else. Almost every game has this so I want to have it too.

I was wondering the difficulty because I will probably hire someone who knows C++ to make it for me, as I just don’t have the time to learn C++. :frowning:

Thanks for any information and reading!

I actually haven’t tried to implement this, but i know Rama already did that:!

Maybe this is something for you

Thank you, I already know this though.

I was just wondering if I dont want to include Mr Rama’s whole plugin though. I could contact him with a payment offer to create a simple solo solution maybe. I just wanted to know beforehand how hard it was. ^^

Edit: I dont know if its a whole Victory Plugin though, I will check, thanks!