How good is UE4 for developing Mobile Apps?

how is it to develop mobile apps in UE4?
I have only developed apps in Unity before and as far
as I know all my colleagues prefer Unity over Unreal
when it comes for app development.
Since I make a lot of prototyping for games in UE4,
I gathered experience and would like to create an App.
I’m using Blueprints only, are they integrated for
Android/iOS functions?
How is it about GoogleAnalytics/Facebook API integration?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


A little bit heavy. If you want to develop just an app, think about native Java Android app development or hybrid frameworks (Ionic, React Native, etc…).


Thanks for your answer!
Sorry not mentioning it, the app will of course be a game ^^
And since huge mobile games got made with Unreal (Fortnite, PUBG). which make a lot of money,
I expect that UE4 has made quite some progress in terms of mobile features.

Yes, UE4 is doing quite weel now on mobile, I think you have to weigh the pros and cons for UE4 (Blueprints, simpler) or Unity (C#).

Hey! UE4 is awesome for mobile. But you’ll have to dig a lot to get familiar with all the optimization techniques.
You may want to take a look at these videos:

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Thank you for all your answers, already devloped for VR and had to do a lot of optimization. Hopefully mobile won’t be too different ^^
Will definitely watch the UE Talks.

Developing mobile apps with UE4 could be heavy and expensive. If you want to develop an eCommerce mobile application then go with react native application development framework it is an easiest and fastest way for building mobile applications.

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