How good is this laptop?

Just wondering, how good is this laptop in running games, compiling programs and developing UE4 projects?


EDIT: This laptop is made by ASUS, by the way.

Not shabby. I don’t own it, haven’t ever used it. But a i7 with 12gb ram and a 960m should kick some butt. At least for a laptop.

I have never used it, but if you have to get a laptop (like I did ;() It seems pretty good, my laptop is under the spec of yours and runs atleast the basics pretty darn good! (my laptop has a i5 @ 2.6 > 3.1 and a 940M together with 8 GB ram)

Well, as any other laptop - it’s absolutely useless for gamedev and overpriced.

that’s not true, I have a laptop that beats most desktops(or it at least keeps up with them), although I agree they can be pricey.

Can you share spec / cost smokey?

actually yes they can, mine is at least on par with the desktop epic themselves recommend as PC specifically built for developing with UE4 so saying they cant be used is complete nonsense, also you do know that you can get laptops with desktop GPU’s in right?

first of all I didn’t say it could beat all desktops but if you look at the performance survey thread you can see that most people don’t have extremely high end desktops so yes it does actually beat most desktops, as for beating your PC no but your PC is clearly better then most desktops, obviously my 980m wont beat your 980TI but as I said you can get laptops with desktops cards so that wouldn’t be hard to match, my CPU is older then yours anyway plus I didn’t go for the best I could have got because I didn’t need anything more powerful and again you can get CPUs’ in laptops much more powerful then your CPU is, I do have 32GB ram so I beat you there and as for storage I only have a 1TB 7200 HHD and 2x128GB SSD’s although they are in RAID so while you have more storage my read/write is probably faster.

now just to sum up and put this to bed, as you can get a laptop with a desktop GPU, a much better CPU then yours, more RAM and easily the same storage, that laptop would be a lot better then your desktop so if you basically saying “using a laptop for game development is useless” is true then you cant use your desktop either as you can quite easily get a laptop that beats it.

ps, even quite sucky laptops are often still capable of being used to make 2D or small 3D games with decent performance:).

I bought the G550JK as a portable version of my destop workstation which is ROG based too, so I dont need to be linked to my desk :slight_smile:
Now I hardly use my desktop (or not at all)

Just make sure it is not optimus laptop ie the one that can switch nvidia and intel back and forth… optimus is so badly designed IMHO.

For me after being spoiled by 980TI(can support 3 montiors and does not drop fps in unreal), support for 3 monitors and 2 HDD bays is a must.
It is not that hard to find new laptop with standard hdd bay and extra one for SSD card.
But finding laptop that can have 3 montiors connector or even 2 and 3rd as laptop screen is kind of impossible even with docking stations.
I just cannot imagine working in unreal on single screen. Or I rather pick 3 screens over mobility of laptop. So all you work laptop buyers do you really need that mobility?
Do you really work on the go?

UDK and Unity still work ok with one screen even on laptop, but you’re dead right UE4 has so many windows that one is impossible!
For sure, 3 screens would be nice for viewport, blueprints, content-browser-details etc. But two screens for laptops isn’t that unusual.

As far back as 2012 or before high-end laptops began to offer HDMI & Mini-display Port i.e. Asus / Nvidia for example.
There’s a VGA port too for a possible 3rd screen set-up, but I haven’t ever gotten that to work… How about anyone else?
There’s also the 4k monitor / TV option. Haven’t tried it, but there’s threads on here where posters have said it works well for them.

Cant speak for why others want mobility, but in my case its about critically important things like availability, cost and convenience.
Don’t know where you’re based but for me its impossible to find top-end gaming gear, or its brutally expensive or a risky online buy.
So when travelling I’m hunting for good gear at low prices. But then it comes down to what you can carry: 1 Desktop or 2 laptops!
If you’re a student its obvious why mobility helps, but its also handy if staying over with friends or family and you’ve got time to kill.