How good is this computer build for UE4?

How good is this computer build for UE4, please say anything to make it better! But, my budget is $1100!


Are you missing a link?

OH! Sorry ;D

Salutations ol_N1gHtM4r3_lo,

Very similar build as mine, should work out pretty well.
I use a 980 instead of a 970 but that shouldn’t make much difference.

Do you think a 1060 is worth the upgrade?
New build:
I haven’t put storage on it yet.

With storage:

My set-up

i5 3450
GTX 1060
600W Power supply
Z77X-D3H Gigabyte motherboard
(2) 8GB Fury HyperX DDR3
(2) 4 GB Basaltic(sp?) Crosshair DDR3

I don’t have any problems running UE4 at max settings, with rather large builds.

Ok, thank you. Is a ssd and a hdd necessary or not.

SSD is often very useful for ensuring that bootup times for the core os is very speedy.
An HDD in addition is helpful as your primary place to install things because they are much larger and much cheaper.

Personal setup is 2 SSDs and 3 HDDs.
I do 2 SSD’s because I want to give my Unreal projects a dedicated drive with the slight edge of the SSD in loadtimes, though honestly it’s probably not worth it if money is a factor.

Yeah, I am already over budget so will one hdd be fine for now?

One HDD should be fine, just make sure to leave yourself enough room for what you need to do. Recommend 1TB as there are a number of good 1TB HDD’s at decent prices at this time.

I use a GTX 970 and it’s great, one problem of having a top of the line graphics card to develop on is when you see your published game run for the first time on an entry level gaming rig.

To stay under budget but improve performance, I would reduce the size of the ssd and get more ram. 16 gig would be noticeably better than 8.

Ok, this is my build at the moment, how is it looking?

The GTX 970 should more than suffice, it is a really good card.

I think that the 1060 is worth the upgrade.

Of course it’s worth it, even if gtx 970 is a great card, the technology inside is ancient. Using 28nm die shrink and older architecture… go with RX 470 if you want to cut budget, but if you wanna stay with the nVidia GTX 1060 is the way, later down the road you can go with sli

Yeah, I think I have decided my build now!

If I can improve it anyway please say, but I think it looks pretty good.

I’d double that RAM, recently been working on larger projects and my 16GB can get eaten up if I’m not careful on what I’m loading into the cache

Also, I can vouch for the Phanteks Enthoo Pro ATX Case easy to clean the filters, nice cable management, I’ve had it sitting in plain view for a year now and I never get tired of staring into it’s soul >:D

I can’t comment on your choice of CPU but I’ve been using a i5 4690k (not over clocked) and have had no worries with UE4, photoshop, terrain software etc…

I have a 970 in my desktop and it runs Unreal Engine perfectly, my CPU is a 4790k i7. So that computer should run it very very well, my laptop runs UE4 really really well too, and it’s got a 970m, i7 5790(?). So yeah that computer should be really good since it’s a little better.